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879 Dooley Road, Victoria, BC

Riding Lessons 

Riding Lessons 

Oaklands Equestrian is proud to offer riding lessons on our safe and reliable school horses or your own mount. Our focus is primarily on hunter/jumper and equitation forward seat riding. Instructors are EC Certified (which certification requires insurance, a first aid certificate and criminal background check).

We welcome riders at all skill levels from ages 7 years and up. Our emphasis is on creating a fun and safe learning environment, and on building respectful, trusting relationships between horse and rider. Whether you’re a competitive or pleasure rider we look forward to welcoming you. 

All beginner lessons include how to catch a horse, groom, tack-up, ride, and un-tack. We eventually expect that students be able to tack/un-tack with minimal coach supervision. Coaches are available to assist with advance notice; however additional fees may apply.

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