Support a Schoolie

While the world shelters in place and wonders when things will return to “normal”, those of us who have been lucky enough to have had horses as part of our lives wonder when we will return to the barn. Oaklands Equestrian has provided a community, an outlet, a place of joy for so many; it’s our turn to return the favor.


All small businesses are struggling right now, but with (big) mouths to feed and vet bills to pay, the cost of maintaining a Riding School with little to no income is overwhelming. As the government rolls out more relief packages every day, equestrian businesses are struggling and have yet to receive assistance that specifically addresses this unique industry and the animals in their care.

In order to cover the astronomical costs of maintaing our school string through this pandemic, we have created the Support a Schoolie Program! 


Your contribution can help keep the Oaklands ponies and horses happy & healthy while waiting for their people to return.

Questions about our sponsorship program can be direct to Megan Morgan -

Testimonials to the Oaklands Lesson Program

I post a ton of “my kid and her horse” pictures. I love horses. I rode as a kid but once we moved into Toronto when I was 10, my young, working parents couldn’t afford the time or money to keep me riding.

As soon as my daughter was old enough I got her on her a horse and it’s been a massive part of our lives for 7 years now. The middle school years have been particularly difficult for her and I can’t imagine what her life would be like if she didn’t have horses in her life. There is a reason horses are used for therapy.

There is a perception of the horse world as being for rich people. For sure that faction exists but by and large, the people I know just try to do whatever they can to keep their kid at the barn. I have yet to see a barn owner (at least on our island ) living the high life; everyone one I know is trying to scrape by. Some can’t make it work. Others do, but just barely. They all do it because they only know a life with horses in. It barely works in the “good times”.

These are not good times. With massive overhead and zero income, these businesses and their horses are at risk. Very hard choices will need to be made.

Diana’s horses are not fancy-pants horses. Some used to be – she picks them up after their show career is over and they go on for many more years teaching kids to be confident, compassionate, and hardworking. Others are quirky, or not particularly “special” – they are loved & cared for all the same.

Our barn needs our help. I KNOW that these are very difficult times for everyone and we are all doing our best to help our fellow humans. I know horses might not seem like a priority but, if you If you were ever a little girl (or boy) that loved a horse, or if you’ve loved a little girl (or boy!) that loved horse, or if you just want to help, please consider a sponsorship.


Amy has been riding since she was 5 years old in Kamloops, but most of her English riding skills she has learned from her time at Oaklands and the awesome staff, training, and facilities. Oaklands Equestrian is always going to have a special place in her heart as the first place we leased a horse for her, and Gotte is such a special horse at that.  And now she has Remy to learn and grow with also.  She is very excited to get back to the stable and see the horses and everyone again, as am I.

- Cindy 

I have always loved horses since I was a child growing up in Ontario. I have never taken lessons but would trail ride at a local stable as a tween and young teenager. Then one day I got bucked off the horse I was riding and broke my arm. When I returned to riding I seemed to have developed an allergy. I got my daughter into riding also as a young girl for a few years but because we lived in downtown Toronto it just wasn't something we could continue to pursue. Then my daughter grew up, moved to Victoria and had a daughter of her own. The love of horses continued! We now have a 'family horse' (lol). My daughter and granddaughter seem to spend a great deal of time at Oaklands and my granddaughter has become an amazing and dedicated equestrian. I have met the owner Diana and have heard so much about her and her love for her horses and her business. I have watched trainers do amazing things with Hannah's horse Dano. I unfortunately have to watch Hannah and Dano from a distance as the allergy still hangs on. I appreciate being able to help Oaklands in any way I can. 

-Jan Lancaster

Being around horse brings me so much joy, when I am at the barn all my stress melts away and I can just enjoy the moment. I love everything about horses, riding, grooming, even just watching them and I cant wait to go back to Oaklands soon!


Over the last year and a half that I have been riding with Oaklands and it has become such a big part of my life. I love coming early to the my lessons and pampering Pumpkin with a nice groom, grazing, a walk around and sometimes treats. Oaklands has also been a place where I have created many friendships, through camps and group lessons.


Throughout my time riding at Oaklands I have ridden 8 of the horses, but the four main ones where Zoey, Gem, Shilo, and now Pumpkin, I love them all so much.


Cant wait to go back to the barn and see Pumpkin and all the other horses again


I started riding at the ripe old age of 60!  I was looking for a new adventure challenge and a warm connection with a horse.   I have been riding three years now and I've found it exhilarating, scary, joyful, humbling and heart-warming.  Riding has blessed me with gifts beyond my imagination and I am most deeply grateful.


Oaklands, the horses and the people have been a major part of my life for more than 15 years. I wouldn't be who I am today without the love and support I have received and been able to share in this, my place of serenity. I would do anything I  could for the ponies and the people because I know how much they've done for me!


I've ridden most of the school horses but I have a fondness for Cruz (my current least), Gotte and Shilo. I started riding at Ambleside before Diana made the big move to Oaklands.

I love all the horses and just being at the barn with like minded horsey people!